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Announcing Our Expansion: Now Offering Windows, Bi-fold Doors, and Composite Doors! Joining the UK's thriving window and door market, we're excited to deliver high-quality solutions tailored to elevate your spaces.

When it comes to selecting the ideal windows & composite doors, the multitude of options available can be overwhelming for some. However, at Master Seal Solutions Windows, we're here to simplify the process. Our diverse range of windows is tailored to suit any property, whether it's old or new, and fits within your budget constraints.

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4 Windows from Just £1,995!


What are resin-bound driveways?

Resin Bound driveways, made from a blend of aggregate stones and resin, are the choice for paving driveways, walkways, and patios. Their rising popularity owes to their attractive aesthetics, robustness, and long-lasting durability. As our flagship product, we take pride in consistently delivering outstanding results with this solution! Giving you quality & satisfaction.

How does resin compare to alternative driveways?

Resin driveways offer unparalleled benefits. They remain unaffected by winter frost or summer heat, ensuring year-round durability. With an anti-slip surface and natural drainage capabilities, they prevent puddling during heavy rain, unlike conventional driveways. Additionally, resin eliminates the hassle of weed growth commonly seen with block paving, providing a sleek, weed-free surface. Their aesthetic appeal is unmatched, available in a variety of vibrant colors to complement any home. Resin driveways retain their pristine appearance over time, resisting discolouration from sunlight exposure and requiring minimal effort to clean. It's a clear choice for homeowners seeking both functionality and beauty!

What is the typical cost associated with installing a resin-bound driveway?

This question requires a more nuanced response. Several variables influence the cost of a Resin driveway. If you currently have a block-paved, concrete, or tarmac driveway, an overlay could be a cost-effective option. However, certain surfaces may necessitate a full dig-out, which is pricier but enhances property value and aesthetics. Our knowledgeable surveyance team is available to assess your needs, recommend the most suitable solution for your property and budget, and provide clarity on the required work.

Do I need planning permission to get a Resin driveway installed?

In most cases, planning permission isn't required for a Resin driveway. These driveways adhere to drainage regulations, making installation hassle-free. However, if the project involves more complex tasks like lowering kerbs or similar modifications, our surveyors can offer additional guidance.